Thoughts to make

Thoughts to make you wonder by MGA Brown

“Thoughts To Make You Wonder” MGA Brown is an International Speaker - He has spoken in the USA, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Scotland, Wales , France, Mexico, Jamaica, Sweden, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Jersey.

The mind is more powerful than you think, the people who understand their
mind have the advantage to get much more from life.

In this book MGA shows the relation between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. By gaining this valuable knowledge you can take control of new areas of your life.


Is There Power in Thoughts?
What is the Connection Between Mind and Thought?
Do Thoughts Make Things?
Are You a Creator?
Do You Understand the Conscious Mind?
What is the Subconscious Mind?
Can You Create Circumstances?
Can You Exploring the Mind?
Is there Power in Thinking?
Do You Want to Find out More?


Do not wait another minute create change now in your life!

Hardback £18.95, Paper Back £13.50, Coming Soon! Audio Course £1995, Video Course! £2995

Call or text MGA Brown on +44 (0)7817 534 115 to order your copy!


"M G A is a remarkable man and is a great leader and author!"

Gerry Robert
Author of "Millionaire Mindset: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Income"


" I met MGA Brown at an event and heard about his wonderful and his exciting endeavours. I'm really excited that he is kindly shared even more of his priceless knowledge with the world. I have read and wrote business books in the past. But looking at the content. this new book has many intriguing topics covered and a strong emphasis on personal
development as well as typical business development. Its looking like one of MGA
Brown's best masterpieces."

Junior Ogunyemi - Author of, "how to be a
student entrepreneur."

Following his recovery from a debilitating stroke that threatened his total well-being and existence, MGA Brown knows first-hand what the power of the mind can do for individuals who know how to use it. That’s why he gives you just those proven
mind-imaging techniques that actually enhance your personal life, career and even your business. And what’s best of all, with mental-imaging the improvements you make are permanent, because they automatically become part of your daily approach to every day living. Which means the benefits you get from reading Mr. Brown’s techniques are guaranteed to last you a lifetime!

Dr. Ken Odiwe, Bestselling Author of The
New American Millionaires. Founder/CEO of
The Entrepreneur Success Institute.

If you want to be successful a good place to start is with someone who has the information that you need. Once you have read this excellent book on success take the vital step of action by applying the information that you have been blessed to acquire.

Don M Green Ex Director Napoleon Hill Fondation



Call or text MGA Brown on +44 (0)7817 534 115 to order your copy!

"MGA is a wealth of advice, and is someone I can call on during personal and business problems. His new book is a must have and I would advise you to get a copy for all your family."

Ernest Asumadu
Author of "Pills of Wisdom"

"Michael is a helpful and knowledgeable person, he is a coach and has helped me to draft letters in a professional way. His advise is valuable and he is a person who seems to always find the right solution to problems I give him, This book will be a treasure to all who own it"

North London



Hardback £18.95, Paper Back £13.50, Coming Soon! Audio Course £1995, Video Course! £2995

Call or text MGA Brown on +44 (0)7817 534 115 to order your copy!

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