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The Fire Within Now, book cover

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Are your thoughts create in your life ?
The Fire within
8 Ways to bring positive change

Chapter 1
The Need For Change

Chapter 2
The benefits of Change

Chapter 3
Preparation for Change

Chapter 4
Motivation for Change

Chapter 5
The burning passionate desire

Chapter 6
Lighting your fire

Chapter 7
The fuel for progress

Chapter 8

Living in change

Chapter 1
The Need For Change

Change is one of the constants in the universe, from the day you are born till the day that you move on. If you look all around, you will note continual change. Day changes to night, winter eventually changes to summer. Change is one of the constants, which never changes. In the world of industry, there is a need for continual improvement. For a company, to survive, they need to be one step ahead of the competition. The fact is they have to be willing, and ready to change. To take it to another level, they have to be planning to change. The companies that change well, might be said to be the company's which has prepared for change well in advance.

An interesting comment made by Jack X, when it comes to the difference between millionaires, billionaire's and trillionaires, is the time spans which they used to plan. A Millionaire might be planning five years in advance, where is a billionaire, might be planning 25 years in advance. And you can guess that a trillionaire maybe planning hundreds or thousands of years in advance. So one of the key ideas we see here, is the difference in the mindset. Millionaires think different to billionaires, billionaire's think different to trillionaires. The key is mind set.

So it is evident, that people who choose to be successful, have to plan ahead. And forward planning, is a key, to creating a better life and a better future. It could be said the best way to ensure a better future, is to create that future. With this in mind, there are obvious steps which need to be followed. And one of the important, containers which can be used, is a robust effective system.

If you note the difference between someone who is successful, and someone who is not successful, is that they do things in different ways. One of the keys I've heard spoken about, is the need to systemize a business. It's often been said, spend more time working on your business, then in your business. Indeed, T Harv Eker, shows this in his book speed wealth. And idea of planning, with the end in mind is key.

The idea of seeing your own goal, then working backwards, to work out the steps needed, to fulfill that goal. But to take the first step, needs some fuel, to create that first move. And this comes back to mind set, for a person to be successful they need to have a success mindset. An interesting research was carried out buy man name Napoleon Hill. He conducted a research of 500 self-made millionaires, over a period of 25 years.

He found that there are a number of things which millionaires all did. Leading to the conclusion, if you want to be a Millionaire, you need to do things that millionaires do. Conversely it could be said, to become a billionaire you need to do things that billionaires do. And hence to become a trillionaire, you need to do things that trillionaires do.

Another important message that comes to light, is the need to have a mentor. Think about, movies like the Karate Kid, where the young student is mentored by The Master. In this type of relationship the master passes on valuable knowledge to the student. And this type of one to one relationship, could be said to be highly effective. Indeed, in this century, we see the phenomenon, of the seminar. Indeed seminars have their value, and no doubt many valuable things can be learnt from seminars. But the fact is when you're mentored one to one, you're in a very powerful position.

So the way to get important changes in your life, maybe to consider, getting a mentor. Not just getting a mentor, but getting the right mentor. For example, if you wanted to become a good Carpenter, you will need to be mentored by a good Carpenter. However if you want to become a master Carpenter, you need to be mentored by a master Carpenter. MGA Brown (c) May 2017