When you read this letter to the end you're going to discover exactly how and why it will be beneficial for you to get all homeless people off the street by February 2018.

Hey my name is MGA Brown, and not too long ago I was just like you...

This little planet we call our home has suffered at the hand of man kind. We have been the greatest disease on the planet, however with a carefully thought out strategy we could facilitate the transfromation of this home our planet.

The fact is we are all influence by the thoughts and actions of one another, and we are all in a position to bring the most remarkable change.

You have the power to bring remarkable change to the planet. You have the ability to create a planet that are future generations will be proud of.


So the question you may be asking is how can this happen, and what has it got to do with getting 8 million homeless people off the streets by 2018.




There was a very influential writer named Napoleon Hill who did a study of 500 self-made millionaires over a period of 20 years. He found there were 16 things which they all appeared to do. In-fact people who become successful is not a matter of chance, and if any person applies the same universal principles they will all acquire the same results.

You see this universe operates by very precise laws and principles, and if a person is operating in line with these principles and laws they can only get certain results. The main problem why we on this planet are creating problems is because we are acting out of alignment with nature.

But if we were to begin to act in alignment with the laws of nature we would see very remarkable changes in the situations of the planet. Have you noticed that people who become seriously ill often if not always find it is linked to the way that they are thinking. Indeed Napoleon Hill wrote a book titled "Think and Grow Rich", Notice the book was not called work hard and grow rich, but think and grow rich.

If we on this planet were able to facilitate the provision of homes to 8 million homeless people by February 2018, then just imagine the positive changes we would be able to do for mankind. So I looked in to this and wondered how can we bring about a change in the number of homeless people on the street.



And that's when I had my big "ah-ha" moment...

A few years ago British Telecom had an advert which was titled "It is good to talk" At that moment I realised the simple solution that I had been missing all this time. The answer was in front of me all the time but I just did not see it.

Indeed many of the solutions we are looking for are with us all the time, however we do not see them. The fact is our brains are wired in such a way to prevent us from being overloaded by all the information which is being received by us. But this same system might be causing us not to see the solutions which are sitting right in front of our face.

So the answer was so simple, this little book is the key to changing the lives of 8 million people currently on the street. And this is the seed that will transform the lives of a large number of people.

This is the gift God had allow to come to me and it was my responsibility to use this gift to change the world. Now you can be apart of the plan that will get 8 million people off the street.

I will be giving 90% of the proceeds of this book to supporting the goal of getting 8 million people off the street, so how can you help... By buying a hundred copies of this book an donating them to a school of your choice you will be doing a great part in getting 8 million people off the street by February 2018.

So do your part now and take action and change this planet TODAY!




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A part of the money raised will go towards helping homeless
(We are committed to Eradicating Homelessness by February 2018)




By supporting and donating to these charities you will get 8 Million people off the street by February 2018

The Big Issue
Centre Point
The Salvation Army

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