Thoughts to Make You Think

First book by MGA Brown

" I have always desired to write a book for a long while, I have been writing articles on a word of encouragement web site for over a year, now I will be sharing these words of encouragement in this book. I hope you will find great joy as you read through the spiritual words of encouragement in this book." I Love You

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"The Art of Gratitude " which tells of MGA's journey back to health after a stroke which paralyzed his right hand side.

MGA is a Peace of mind coach who helps his clients to reduce the stress in their life. Stress is one of the causes of major illness, by reducing stress you could improve the quality of your life.

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Thoughts To Make You Wonder

The mind is more powerful than you think, the people who understand their mind have the advantage to get much more from life. In this book MGA shows the relation between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.
By gaining this valuable knowledge you can take control of new areas of your life. I Love You


Coming 2018!

Right Thinking Right Action Right Results

8 Ways to Improve Business Life

In this book we have a practical look into the minds of business people, to find out real ways to improve business life. The book studies the minds of people who have worked in the world of business on a day to day bases, and finds the things that really allows business to improve and grow. Right Thinking I Love You

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